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Social Difficulties

People with neurodivergence may encounter social challenges characterized by difficulties in understanding and navigating social cues and interactions.

2- Minute Neuroscience
Thank you to "Neuroscientifically Challenged" for this Informational Video!

Help for Social Difficulties

Seek Professional Help 

Childs Pyschologist
  • If social difficulties persist or significantly impact your child's well-being, consider consulting with a mental health professional or a pediatrician.

  • They can provide an assessment and recommend strategies or therapies tailored to your child's needs.

Teach Emotional Intelligence

Child Model
  • Help your child understand and express their emotions. 
  • Use books or visual aids to teach them about different feelings and how to recognize them in themselves and others. 
  • Practice labeling emotions and discussing appropriate responses.

Build Social Skills Through Play

Playful Family
  • Engage your child in playdates or structured activities with peers to practice social skills. Encourage cooperative play, sharing, and taking turns.

  • Offer constructive feedback and praise when your child successfully interacts with others.

Model Social Behavior

Child Activity
  • Be a positive role model for your child. 
  • Demonstrate good social behavior, such as active listening, maintaining eye contact, and showing empathy. 
  • Encourage them to observe and learn from your interactions.

Parent Resources for Social Difficutlies

Emotional Wellbeing

Promoting Proper Development from Conception Onward

It may very well "take a village to raise a child," but the days of villages, communities, and even extended families in raising children are long lost. Without built-in supports, many modern parents of the neurodivergent find themselves utterly exhausted, overwhelmed, lost, guilt-ridden, and burnt out

NeurOm is here to help fill that void. 

At NeurOm, our vision is to rekindle the spirit of the village in today's modern world, providing a robust and compassionate support system for parents and caregivers of neurodivergent children. We aspire to create a community that surrounds these families with unwavering support, understanding, and resources, enabling them to navigate the neurodivergent journey with resilience, hope, and the assurance that they are never alone.

Core Values

Community Reimagined: We believe in redefining the concept of 'it takes a village' for the modern age, building a virtual village that spans the globe and is there for every caregiver of a neurodivergent child.

Empathetic Connection: We are committed to fostering deep connections within our community, where empathy, active listening, and shared experiences create bonds that strengthen and uplift.

Resilience and Hope: We provide not just support but also a wellspring of hope and resilience to caregivers, helping them find strength in their journey.

Guidance and Resources: We offer a wealth of carefully curated resources, information, and expert guidance to empower caregivers with knowledge and options.

Inclusivity: Our village welcomes all, regardless of background, geography, or neurodivergent condition, and we celebrate the rich tapestry of diversity within our community.

Preventing Burnout: We are dedicated to ensuring that caregivers have the tools and support needed to prevent burnout, guilt, and overwhelm, promoting their own well-being as they care for their children.

Advocacy for Change: We advocate for a world where neurodivergent children and their families are fully embraced and supported, striving for systemic change in education, healthcare, and societal attitudes.


With this vision, NeurOm envisions a world where caregivers of neurodivergent children are no longer isolated or overwhelmed but are part of a thriving global village that stands by their side, offering strength, resources, and hope throughout their journey.

Product and Service Vetting

 We've done the research and reviewing for you. 

All products are selected to be: safe and non-toxic, comfortable for children with sensory uniqueness, development enhancing and developmentally appropriate, and easy to maintain and clean.

All services, classes, and therapies are vetted to best meet the developmental needs of children and to help ease the burdens of their parents.  

Most importantly, the villagers only display products and services that we strongly believe will improve the quality of your and your neurodivergent children's lives. We only bother with the MUST HAVES or the SUPER HELPFUL!

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