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NeurOm® is launching a product line for neurodiverse individuals with sensory integration difficulties and for their caretakers. These products calm the senses and thus the mind, offering much-needed peace from an overstimulating and overwhelming world.

How to Knot and Install the XL Sensory Swing

Extra Large
Sensory Swing

The NeurOm sensory swing is a sensory integration tool used in occupational therapy to help increase body awareness, coordination, proprioception, vestibular input, and deep pressure input. This swing is perfect for anyone, but especially for those with sensory or neurological uniquenesses: autism, ADHD, sensory integration disorder, anxiety disorder, etc.


The NeurOm swing is EXTRA LARGE and is more than twice the length and width of other available swings; it measures 500cm x 280cm (16.5 feet by 8.5 feet) and can accommodate up to 120 kg (~300 pounds)! The size is what truly sets this swing apart. Other swings cannot accommodate the full length of most people, whereas a 7-foot-tall person could easily stretch out in the NeurOm swing with room to spare! The NeurOm swing is made with super stretchy and breathable material that will comfortably cocoon the participant without the risk of suffocation. 

ear muffs 25db.jpg

Noise Canceling

Ear Muffs

KID APPROVED! AUTISM APPROVED! NeurOm 25Db-rated noise-canceling headphones/ ear muffs are perfectly suited for kids with neurodivergence: autism, adhd, OCD, anxiety, SPD, or other sensory issues. The 25Db noise reduction helps with sensory overload and other external triggers. They are lightweight (less than 1/2 pound) and ULTRA SOFT so as to reduce tactile sensitivity. NeurOm 25Db-rated noise-canceling headphones/ ear muffs PREVENT HEARING DAMAGE that can be caused by loud noises and that so often leave children with permanent hearing damage NeurOm headphones were highly vetted to provide comfort to children with sensory issues.


 Sensory Chewable Pendants 

NeurOm provides neurodivergent individuals [ADHD, Autism (ASD), Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive and Compulsive Disorder (OCD)] with the highest quality and safest products. These products serve the sensory needs of these individuals, whether they be sensory avoiders or sensory seekers. They all aim to help calm the neurological system. Sensory Stimulation - Chewing can promote attention and focus, and our sensory chew pendants can help your child relieve anxiety, reduce fidgeting, and increase concentration.

Autism Care Journal Exerior.png

Daily Care Taker Journal: Focus on Autism

This is a beautifully designed and constructed daily journal for the caretakers of children with autism. Included are over 200 pages designed to help you organize, visualize, and document every crucial aspect of your child's development. Record sleep times, water and protein intake, emotional dysregulation events, physical activities, and therapeutical steps taken throughout the day, among much more. In the rear of the book, record questions and thoughts for your child's doctors, specialists, and IEP team. This is a beautiful book to share among multiple caretakers if necessary, to keep the communication channels open and healthy. You will LOVE this active journal and it will be an indispensable and comprehensive keepsake.

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