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Contact the Villagers

Contact the Villagers

We're here to help! Or, help NeurOm by offering suggestions!  We welcome any and all feedback.

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Meet the Founder

Hello!  My Name is Kalena Schatmeier

Why did you develop NeurOm?

As an actively involved mother of two neurodivergent and gifted children, my passion is to ensure that my children are given what they need to develop to their greatest potential. This isn't always the easiest nor the cheapest route, but it is what is best and what I work so hard to achieve.

Why should you trust my recommendations?

I graduated from Pennsylvania State University's prestigious Schreyer's Honor's College with "Great Distinction" after completing an undergraduate thesis in Human Development.  Additionally, I completed a Master's thesis and earned a Master's of Arts in Education before teaching secondary school sciences (Biology, Earth Science, Integrated Science and Environmental Science) for almost 20 years.

I don't use the word "research" the way that you commonly hear the word used.  When I "research" and "vet" products, this means that I delve into primary literature and scientific studies pertaining to the touted materials, ingredients, advice and/or techniques. I also spend time reading through reviews and testimonials comparing one against another until I determine the BEST product, service, or technique available. 

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