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Infant Years

The Villagers deem these the Infancy ESSENTIALS that will help to promote your baby's optimal development. They have done all the research for you in determining the ABSOLUTE best products, services, and resources available.

Give Your Baby a head start in Life!

Baby Registry Wish List

Promoting Proper Development from Conception Onward

It may very well "take a village to raise a child," but the days of villages, communities, and even extended families in raising children are long lost. Without built-in supports, modern parents find themselves utterly exhausted, overwhelmed, lost, guilt-ridden, and burnt out

The mission of My Village is to help fill that void.

My Village compiles a comprehensive toolkit of resources that parents need in order to help their children thrive.

Here you can find vetted essentials for all stages of prenatal, infant, child and adolescent development.

 We've done the research and reviewing for you. 

All products are selected to be: safe and non-toxic, development enhancing and developmentally appropriate, easy to maintain and clean, and aesthetically pleasing.

All services, classes, and therapies are vetted to best meet the developmental needs of children and to help ease the burdens of their parents.  

Most importantly, the villagers only display products and services that we strongly believe will improve the quality of your and your children's lives. We only bother with the MUST HAVES!

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